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What Services Does A Masonry Contractor Provide?

What Services Does A Masonry Contractor Provide?

To spruce up your home’s exterior with interesting and useful and beautiful landscaping, consider including a masonry contractor in your plans and budget. They can do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t imagine giving your landscape better functionality and aesthetics so that it increases the resale value of your house and lets you enjoy it while you’re there.

There are infinite things you can to in any given space depending on your needs and desires. Some companies will help you improve your dull and dysfunctional walkway with updated materials and appeal. Some will help with stone wall property dividers and retaining walls, while others will assist with driveway curbing, enclosing a mailbox, or installing an outdoor kitchen. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the typical services that a masonry contractor can provide to make your dreams a reality:

Hardscaping: To improve your property’s appearance to increase your home’s resale value, you can do hardscaping. This refers to projects like walkways, driveways, patios, curbing or edging, retaining walls, accent walls, decorative pillars, outdoor kitchens, fountains, and fire pits. Many landscape companies will not only design these features for you and install them, but they will repair and maintain them with cleaning services. They will also reset or re-sand existing walkways and patios.

Storm and Drainage Management: If you have a missing or incomplete drainage system, your property and the foundation of your home can suffer serious problems. Many landscape companies with masonry contractors will offer many drainage solutions to help with excessive water or other situations. They can use culverts, swales, French drains, retention basin systems, channel drains, rain gardens, buried downspouts, sump pump discharge areas, and others. 

Landscaping: An attractive landscape design will increase your home’s curb appeal tenfold, at least, which will add value to your property. Many landscapers will offer design services, renovate various beds, transplant plants, install trees and shrubs and other types of plants, and install accent features like boulders, walls, lights, pillars, and borders. The masonry contractor only handles some of these tasks while those in the landscape company that are not in masonry handle more of the planting types of tasks. 

Lighting: If you’re going to invest in a beautiful landscaping plan, consider including lighting in your budget to maximize its attractiveness and safety at night. There are millions of creative things you can do, so shop around and look through various landscape companies’ portfolios of images to see what they can do to enhance your property. The masonry contractor can do custom lighting that involves building something, like a light post or wall of lights or something unusual that is part structure part light. 

Maintenance: It’s very easy for many landscapes to grow out of control quickly. If you hire a landscaping company to assist you, they should keep a reasonable schedule for you and arrange times to come by for various tasks. You can hire these companies to mow your lawn weekly, or however often you and they determine is needed, depending on your climate, season, and type of grass. They can also arrange to do a spring or fall clean-up, install annuals and mulch, prune and trim your trees and bushes, do weeding, maintain your beds, remove leaves, and aerate or overseed. The masonry contractor is not directly involved unless the maintenance involves repairing a wall’s broken brick, for example, or cleaning a surface that’s rusted or painted or otherwise marred. They will only get involved if it’s on a landscape structure that they’ve been hired to build or repair.

Excavating and Grading Land: If you have a rough and bumpy lawn that needs smoothing or you need a foundation for something, you can hire a masonry contractor through a landscaping company .

Masonry Projects: To add a classy and classic look to your property, consider using natural stone. Many masonry contractors can help you to build outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, retaining walls, walkways, patios, brick and block work, pillars, and more. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to interview and ask to see ideas and past work from a company you’re considering to ensure the person who helps design your dreams understands your vision.

Choosing The Right Masonry Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is an important step not to be overlooked. In doing so you will ensure that the project turns out to specification. If you are located in New Jersey, we recommend MCE Masonry and Landscaping. They are an excellent company and offer a range of landscape design, hardscaping and masonry services.

Conclusion: What Services Does A Masonry Contractor Provide?

Your home may be of a certain size that works for you or not, but if you have outdoor space, think of the fact that it can extend your living area and should be treated as the living room. You should put thought and investment into using it to your advantage to create new gathering places, cooking spaces, and attractive areas to explore, converse, and relax. So, when considering improving your landscape, don’t just hire a landscape company, but employ one with a masonry contractor who can help you have the best outdoor space possible for your budget.

We hope you now understand what services does a masonry contractor provide and wish you luck with your project!

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