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What Are Belgian Blocks And How Can They Be Used?

What Are Belgian Blocks And How Can They Be Used?

Are you wondering to yourself – what are Belgian blocks and how can they be used? Read on to learn more on the topic of what Belgian blocks are and where you’ll want to utilize them in your landscape design project.

Discovering Belgian Blocks And How To Use Them Effectively

A Belgian block is most often used as a method of creating edging that is meant for driveways and other pathways. However, it can also be used as a planting bed, apron, or other attractive option for a home improvement project. These blocks have also been used as building blocks for wall caps, retaining walls, pillars, and things of that nature. They are a popular option because they give your projects a unique look.

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You Choose The Type

When it comes to Belgian blocks, there are different types that you can choose from. Landscape blocks are the most popular and are considered natural stone that is good for curbing. Another option is the antique block. This particular block is a great option for giving your driveway a better look. This is the best block if you like older European look-for homes. It’s also a top choice because it’s good for the environment, and people are becoming more ecologically conscious.

The History Behind The Blocks

These stones have been used for hundreds of years. The Romans used the blocks to make the pathways easier for travelers, and it’s been adapted many times since then. The roads were done so well that you’ll see that many of those blocks and streets still exist today because of the ingenuity of the engineers. The blocks were also used in ships as ballasts when the vessel was too light. When the ships were filled with goods, they would leave the stones behind in cities like Boston and other areas so that people could use them to make their roads look better and add a level of efficiency that they didn’t have before.

The Look Of The Belgian Block

A Belgian block is now cube-like and made with solid granite. The blocks will be of various sizes because they are cut by hand, making each slightly different. However, the smallest size will be a four by four by four. You can also choose a large size or a jumbo. The jumbo will be a four by seven by ten.

If you need a different size, you’ll need a masonry saw. You won’t be able to do this alone, however. You need the proper team of experts to do it for you. You can also choose between different colors and combinations. You can choose between white, gray, and black colors or more adventurous colors such as pink or yellow. These are commonly mistaken for cobblestones, but they couldn’t be more different. You’ll quickly see that the colors, feel, weight and other areas are vastly different.

A Different Look

A Belgian block is so popular because it has a different look and feel than other options available today. For instance, with the varied color and sizes, you can have a variegated color scheme that looks beautiful on a landscape display. If you want a natural-looking border, you can choose earth tones for a look reminiscent of what a house would look like if surrounded by nature. It also creates a more soft feel.

The Cost Is Fair

Regarding a Belgian block, the cost would be about thirty-five dollars a block. The stones are about ten dollars each, but keep in mind for the bigger projects, stones won’t cut it. An example of the difference is that the bricks have three hundred and sixty stones in one ton. If you have chosen to buy a pallet, that number rises exponentially. However, you can see that for a bigger project, the price is still fair, as many options are far more expensive.

Choosing Belgian Blocks For Your Project

When choosing Belgian blocks for your next project, you’ll be selecting an option that has been around for centuries and can make your landscape look incredible. Choose the best deterrents for your project; you can’t go wrong with Belgian blocks.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what are Belgian blocks and we wish you the best of luck and feel free to reach out to MCE Masonry for services.

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