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How Frequently Should I Water My Lawn?

How Frequently Should I Water My Lawn?

Many people want to have a lawn that is healthy and looks its best. The best way that you can do this is to have a watering schedule or hiring landscaping company to maintain your yard and perform lawn maintenance services. If you water too much or too little, you’ll find that your efforts are in vain because you’re killing your grass. The biggest killer of grass, however, is overwatering. An example of what we mean is to think back to your childhood. Your parents or grandparents probably had the sprinklers on over the grass and didn’t stop it for about an hour, right? That’s unhealthy for your lawn because you’re only watering a specific area (depending on the type of sprinkler), and you need to be more accurate with it. As such, we will help you understand how you should take care of your lawn. 

Watering Your Yard Properly

You may be wondering – how frequently should I water my lawn. Most lawns should be watered at most three times a week. You should also note that you don’t need more than an inch or a half of water for the grass. That ratio applies every week, and it doesn’t have to be from you watering the lawn. It can also be from rain. The watering schedule that you can do to be most beneficial is to water twice a week, depending on the standard conditions that you have in your area. However, if you’re in the midst of a limited drought or water supply, we can also give you tips here. 

When Water Is Limited 

When your water supply is limited, you’ll see that you can’t always get to take care of your lawn in the best way. There are ways around this, though. You can adapt groundcovers, minimize your yard areas, or install a system that’s effective in watering uniformly and use timers that will stop you from using too much. Aerating your yard can also help as it will aid the water, penetration, and roots. 

Seeing Signs That Your Yard Is Thirsty

When you see that your yard has taken on a gray or dull green look, it asks for a drink. Another helpful way to tell your yard needs some help is if your footprints stay put. That means that your grass doesn’t have the moisture it needs to bounce back. When these signs occur, water your grass and create a better schedule so your yard can heal properly.

Times To Water 

One time that you shouldn’t water your grass is after six at night. The reason is that you’re more likely to have issues with disease and infection in your yard. If you must water your lawn later, try at around four in the afternoon to six. The best time to go out and take care of your lawn is in the morning. 

That is because it’s more relaxed in the morning, the temperature is lower, and the wind is much calmer. Because of that, your grass and soil can absorb the water better. It will also reach the roots before evaporation occurs.

Learning If You’ve Done Enough

There are some straightforward ways to tell when you’re wondering if you’ve done enough to your lawn. The first trick is to check the soil. You can determine how long it takes the water to absorb into the ground by checking it every fifteen minutes when you first begin watering. It needs to get about six inches deep to be the most effective. You can also measure your lawn with cans. Spreading small cans around your yard, you can see how much time it takes to collect an inch of water. 

If all else fails, you can use a water timer. This tool will measure water flow in hundreds of gallons. The process is a little more involved. You have to multiply your lawn footage by .62 gallons of water. That will determine how much water you genuinely need for your lawn. If, after using this technique, you realize that your yard is not absorbing water the way it should, you should try watering in shorter cycles. To offer an example that might help, try watering your right side for ten minutes and then the left for the same time.

Additional Tips With Lawn Maintenance

You can use other tools to water your lawn to ensure it will look its best. Water guzzlers will shoot water horizontally, which may help ensure the wind doesn’t affect your yard. If you use an in-ground system, you’ll find that they are lower than the ground. A smart system works with many different types of grass and has controls, though, so that may be the best for your lawn. 

Keeping Your Grass Beautiful

Each person’s lawn deserves to look beautiful and unique. With the tips we’ve given you above, you’ll be able to maintain your lawn and keep it looking healthy and picturesque.

We hope this post has been helpful. If you are located in NJ and are seeking the best landscape design and hardscaping company, choose MCE Masonry and Landscaping. The offer many different lawn maintenance packages and can help you in so many ways.

You should now know how frequently should I water my lawn and we wish you luck!

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